Born by Volcanoes. Hugged by the Light and Waves.

Chiselled by Wind and Time. Endowed by Nature and History.

Welcome to Milos island!

A place where wonder obeys to the human balance.

A unique sailing paradise, in the middle of the Greek Archipelagos.

A Cradle of Civilization, with volcanic origin, countless beauties that will amaze you and call you to discover them.




Meet the exciting sides of a unique place.
One of the reasons that make Milos famous is its beaches. In over 125 Km of coastline, win, the rich subsoil and crystal water of the Aegean have privileged us with over 70 beaches, scattered all around the island.
The most famous of them are:
  1. The cosmopolitan beaches of Paleohori, Provatas, and Agia Kiriaki with organized and modern beach bars and restaurants.
  2. The remote beaches of Gerontas, Triades, Ammoudaraki, Thiorychia, Agathia.
  3. The well-known lunar scenery of Milos, Sarakiniko.
  4. Other scattered beaches as Kleftiko and Tsigrado.



The villages of Adamas, Triovasalos, Plaka and Pollonia are waiting for you to discover little tasteful shops that can offer you a variety of choices according to your taste, by finding souvenirs and handmade creations, clothes, jewellery, accessories and of course little gifts for your lovedones from Milos.



As we look for different sights on Milos, we do not only limit our choices to the breathtaking beaches, the significant archaeological sights, the unique Catacombs, the mines and the museums, places that all visitors of Milos must aim.
Furthermore, set your interest also to:
  1. The Thermal Baths of the pit of Adamas “The Cave of Hippocrates” which have recently been transformed to a modern spa with two hydro-bathtubs, saun, hamam and pool.
  2. The War Refuge of Adamas, built underground during WW2 with its amazing tunnels where a hospitable place has been created to host Art Exhibitions. A rare hall of art and culture.
  3. The Venetian Castle of Plaka, built in the 13th century on the top of the hill and surrounded of little churches, where in the evening you can enjoy and admire one of the most amazing sunsets in the Aegean.
  4. Mantrakia, Klima, Fyropotamos, Agios Konstantinos, Areti, Skinopi, Fourkovouni are traditional little fishermen’s villages, that attract visitors because of the houses called “Syrmata”, where fishermen dragged their fishing-boats and fishing equipment to store.



Milos is calling you to travel through different tastes, discovering its culture and history.
At the restaurant of Milos, you can taste fresh fish and seafood, tasty vegetables and the most well-known dishes of the cuisine of Milos such us “Pitarakia” filled with dry cheese, Watermelon Pie and Koufeto, a traditional kind of sweet made of local honey, almonds and the crump of white pumpkin.
Apart from creating tasty memories, don’t forget to take with you local traditional dairy products and Wine, jars of Koufeto, Pelte, Honey and Capers.



Because of the Catacombs of milos, the second most remarkable Prechristianic Monument worldwide, Milos was proclaimed and is considered today the Third Holly Island of the country.
There are around 140 churches, monasteries and scenic chapels, that apart from the moments of devoutness and priesthood they also allow the visitor o get an idea of the Aegean Architecture and admire the breathtaking view combining blue and white.
According to the season you visit the island, you have the chance to take part and enjoy yourselves at festivals that are organized hospitably by locals.



According to your wishes, nightlife on Milos won’t leave you unsatisfied.
Enjoy your coffee, your drink or a refreshing cocktail sitting in a little table of one of the scenic squares, a fully blossomed yard, an old neighborhood or just a balcony or even enjoy yourselves sipping your drink and dancing till dawn, looking at the sea and the little boats.



Discover traces of a great civilization. Look for the mosaics of a great historic adventure.
The walls of the Prehistoric city of Fylakopi, the breathtaking divine figure of the Aphrodite of Milos, the secret city of Catacombs as a refuge of a hunted religion, a small ancient theatre placed on the beach, houses touching the shore holding their boats, put together memories of an exciting route of Milos through paths of time and proof of the evolution of a culture awaiting to be discovered.
The museums of Milos attract visitor. Spend some time to visit:
  1. The Archaeological and Folklore Museum in Plaka hosting collections of the history of island, the traditions of Milos and the daily life of people.
  2. The Mineral Museum in Adamas, where you have the opportunity to meet the geological particularity and the mineral wealth of the island, through special exhibits and multimedia means.
  3. The Ecclesiastical Museum in Adamas and the church of Agia Triada where gold, silver and wooden artifacts are displayed as well as the loon of the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Jesus Christ in her arms.
  4. The Naval Museum in Adamas, where the visitors can get to know the naval history of Milos through numerous photos, maps, tools and documents.
  5. The War Museum in Plaka, built underground from the Germans in 1943, where photos, plans, documents and guns are displayed, bringing to life scenes of the war.



You can find yourselves in a unique ecosystem which presents the work of creation unintentional. Discover a tiny Edem full of primitive forms of life.
In this scenery, formed by lava through ages, which is made of impregnable walls of rocks on the coasts, sea gorges, caves planted in the sea, little lakes that mirror light, steep canyons and calm valleys, many rare species of animals nest here such as the
Mediterranean seal monachus monachus, the unique and rare red viper Vipera Lebetina and many rare species of animals, birds, trees, plants protected by the Nature Protect 2000 of the European union.

Photo Gallery

by Nasos Giannos